7-Way Marijuana Strain Ballarat


May Relieve
Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Stress

THC: 30%


7-Way Marijuana Strain Ballarat

Buy 7-Way Marijuana Strain Ballarat. 7-Way is a rare 100% Sativa strain with unknown parentage, although it is known to be a mix of seven of the most powerful sativas on the market. Its true parentage highly debates, leaving no real answer as to which strains might even possibly be its parent.

7-Way is the go-to choice for any enthusiastic sativa lover, offering a robust blend of uplifting and invigorating effects that can provide the ideal pick-me-up or quick energy boost. This strain delivers an immediate cerebral rush that enhances your mood, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and elevated. The longevity of these effects is noteworthy; however, caution should exercise as excessive consumption may lead to psychedelic experiences. With a remarkable THC level that can reach up to about 30%, 7-Way considers a potent solution for addressing conditions such as depression, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue.

It’s crucial to mention that, due to its potential to induce psychedelic effects, 7-Way is not for those seeking relief from anxiety. The buds of 7-Way are medium-size and showcase a spade-shape appearance with a dark olive green hue, complemented by delicate pinkish-orange hairs and crystal-clear trichomes. When it comes to the flavor profile, expect a delightful combination of sweet pine and berry notes, which reflects in its aroma, characterizes by a musky fruity scent that becomes popular when the nugs are broken apart.

In summary, 7-Way is an excellent choice for individuals in search of a powerful sativa strain. With mood-enhancing properties and an ability to address specific medical conditions. However, users should exercise caution to avoid any adverse effects that may occur when consumed in excess.


Body High, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting

May Relieve :
Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Stress


Berry, Pine, Sweet, Tangy


Berry, Earthy, Fruity, Musky, Pine, Pungent