Alien Walker Cannabis Strain


These buds are gassy with a hint of floral sweetness and leave a sweet cookie taste on the tongue.

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Alien Walker Cannabis Strain

Buy Alien Walker Cannabis Strain. It is a hybrid created by crossing Albert Walker and Tahoe Alien, secured the Hybrid category victory at the 2013 Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup. All thanks to the breeding expertise of Alien Genetics. Alien Walker exhibits swift growth and a short vegetative phase. It yields abundant resin-covered buds that resemble the fur of fictional extraterrestrial creatures.


This strain emits a distinct aroma with tangerine and lemon undertones, ushering in potent cerebral effects that promote relaxation and relieve stress. Subsequent full-body sedation makes it a valuable choice for managing pain and insomnia.

Effects of  Alien Walker

Alien Walker Strain, known for its smooth and laid-back character, might mildly numb the lips upon inhalation. It particularly excels in social gatherings, inducing cheerful thoughts and a craving for snacks. When consumed, whether smoked or incorporated into an edible form, Alien Walker Strain delights the palate with an earthy, citrus, and pine flavor profile. Its consumption leads to increased energy, sociability, euphoria, happiness, enhanced focus, and boosted creativity. Consequently, it finds utility in alleviating conditions such as depression, chronic pain, stress, insomnia, and anxiety. Possible side effects may include headaches, dry mouth, and dry eyes.

Alien Walker’s flowering cycle is notably shorter than other cannabis strains, typically spanning 6 to 8 weeks.