Cherry Diesel Hemp Flower Melbourne


8-13% CBD

*under 0.2% THC


Cherry Diesel Hemp Flower Melbourne

Buy Cherry Diesel Hemp Flower Melbourne. Derived from the highest quality hemp strains, our Legal CBD flowers undergo specific breeding to achieve high CBD and low THC contents. Introducing one of our new CBD flowers.

Describing a simultaneous pungent and sweet profile, Cherry Diesel emits a cheesy note that adds a distinct skunky quality, making it a scent you’ll constantly want to savor. The mouth-watering flavor profile is delicate with a slight, barely perceptible spiciness, creating a fully rounded and tasty experience.

Experience the flavors of sweetness, diesel, and earthiness in buds that are sticky, firm, dense, and sparkling with trichomes. The effect is one of upliftment, happiness, and relaxation, making this Cherry Diesel CBD flower a delightful addition to our collection.