Diesel Hem Flowers Darwin


8-13% CBD

*under 0.2% THC


Diesel Hem Flowers Darwin

Buy Diesel Hem Flowers Darwin.  For the true connaisseurs. Diesel releases a particularly pungent aroma. Gassy with notes of skunk and citrus, it is a flower that engages all of your senses. A lively taste is suitable for those looking for strong and decisive flavor.

Tailored for true connoisseurs, Diesel emanates a particularly pungent aroma, engaging all of your senses. It exudes a gassy essence with notes of skunk and citrus, providing a lively taste for those seeking a strong and decisive flavor.

Derived from the highest quality hemp strains, our CBD flowers undergo specific breeding to achieve high CBD and low THC contents.


Sharp diesel.


Tight dense buds, frosted with trichomes.


Calm, stress unload, social.