Double Lemon Pie Adelaide


Our Rosin Joints are made from One:Eleven craft cannabis, rosin, and kief.

THC: 22%


Double Lemon Pie Adelaide

Buy Double Lemon Pie Adelaide. Introducing Double Lemon Pie, a tantalizing cannabis strain that promises a burst of citrusy delight with every puff. Our expert cultivators have meticulously selected and cultivated the finest plants to create this exquisite blend. Immerse yourself in the zesty aroma and flavorful profile of this sativa-dominant hybrid.

Crafted with precision, Double Lemon boasts a potent THC percentage, reaching new heights of up to 22%. Experience the uplifting and energizing effects that characterize this strain, perfect for those seeking a delightful daytime smoke. Let the bright, lemony notes invigorate your senses and elevate your mood.

Indulge in a premium cannabis experience with Double Lemon Pie, where the perfect harmony of flavor and potency awaits. Elevate your smoking sessions with this carefully crafted strain, designed to leave a lasting impression on both novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike.