Grape Ape Hemp Flowers Perth


8-13% CBD

under 0.2% THC


Grape Ape Hemp Flowers Perth

Buy Grape Ape Hemp Flowers Perth. Abundantly coated in resin, this strain boasts density and a wealth of trichomes. Its fresh, effervescent aroma is characterized by potent floral notes, complemented by the sweet fragrances of citrus and grapefruit. The taste is both light and lively, delivering a surprisingly calming experience.


This resin-drenched strain is dense and rich in trichomes. A fresh, sparkling scent with strong floral notes is rounded out by sweet citrus and grapefruit. A light and lively taste that’s actually very calming.


Sweet, grape, fruity.


sticky, tight, and fluffy.
Effect: mild relaxation, social and uplifting, delicious flavor.