Headdawg Cannabis Strain Hobart


Enjoy a cerebral onset leading to euphoria and sociability, followed by a soothing body high. Ideal for managing depression, chronic stress, and more. Experience its skunky, sweet flavor.

THC: 26%


Headdawg Cannabis Strain Hobart

Buy Headdawg Cannabis Strain Hobart. Headawg, also known as “Head Dawg” or “Headdawg #7,” is a rare and evenly balanced hybrid strain, created by crossing the infamous Headband and Guinness strains, resulting in a 50% Indica and 50% Sativa blend. This potent powerhouse boasts an impressive average THC level of 22-29%, ensuring a sustained and full-bodied experience. The Headawg high begins with a cerebral onset just a few minutes after your last toke, inducing an elevated state of euphoria and a sense of bliss without a specific focus. As the experience deepens, a growing sociability and a tendency to laugh and converse with others effortlessly become more prominent. Subsequently, a soothing body high washes over you, gradually imbuing a warm and slightly sedative sensation into your very core.

Headawg is highly popular for its potential to address various conditions due to its potent effects and elevated THC levels. It is particularly valued for its efficacy in treating conditions such as depression, chronic stress, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain. This strain offers a skunky sweet flavor profile with hints of rich herbs and spicy diesel that become more pronounced upon exhalation. The aroma starts off with floral and woody notes but evolves into a pungent and skunky scent as the buds are broken apart and ignited. Headawg’s appearance features rounded. Compact minty green nugs adorned with sporadic, slender orange hairs and a generous layer of fine white crystal trichomes.

In summary, Headawg is a well-balanced hybrid strain that delivers a robust and enduring experience. Its unique blend of effects and high THC content. This makes it a valuable choice for addressing a range of conditions while offering a skunky, sweet flavor and a distinct aroma that evolves as you indulge.


Body High, Euphoria, Giggly, Relaxing, Uplifting

May Relieve:
Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Stress


Herbal, Pine, Skunky, Sweet


Diesel, Earthy, Floral, Herbal, Pine