Limoncello CDB Hemp Flower Lismore


8-12% CBD

*under 0.2% THC


Limoncello CDB Hemp Flower Lismore

Buy Limoncello CDB Hemp Flower Lismore. Experience the highest quality and potency in every encounter with our hand-trimmed buds, each crafted as a work of art. We have redefined the standard of budget high-end CBD with Limoncello, a truly unique and unforgettable strain. Treat yourself to the low-cost luxury you deserve with our new Limoncello CBD flower.

Savor the flavors of zest, sourness, and berry in buds that are dense, covered in trichomes, and sticky. Enjoy the mind elevation, relaxation, and social effects that come with this exceptional Limoncello CBD flower.

Dense, covered in trichomes, sticky.
Mind elevation, relaxation, social.
 Zesty, sour, berry.