Mac N Cheese Townsville


Slow Burn Pre Roll

THC: 27%



Mac N Cheese Townsville

Buy Mac N Cheese Townsville. MAC and Cheese pre-rolls, a rare and high THC sativa-leaning hybrid of MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) crossed with Alien Cheese. Originate from whole flower craft cannabis buds. This potent sativa strain boasts an earthy flavor profile with hints of cheese and citrus. Striking a balanced note without an overpowering cheese taste. Grown proudly on the East Coast in Truro, Nova Scotia, in state-of-the-art small batch production facilities, each bud undergoes meticulous cultivation, hang-drying, hand-trimming, and slow curing (21-28 days), ensuring the ultimate craft cannabis experience. The product is then hand-packaged in 100% recyclable tubes.