Maddosh Kabul Hash Geelong



Maddosh Kabul Hash Geelong

Buy Maddosh Kabul Hash Geelong Online. Madhosh translates to the Intoxicated or forgetful person. Great description for a potent hash.

Maddosh Kabul Hash is an import from the hash Mecca, Kabul Afghanistan

The aroma is a strong spicy diesel with a fresh, almost floral finish. So sticky and mailable it’s really easy to work into snakes for a blunt or balls for bongs. A dark brown but when breaking the brick open you get a beautiful uniform texture that has a strong green undertone.

We will need to wait until Monday morning for a report on how the high is, but we can be sure that this will have a dominant Indica strain as the base and produce strong effects with an intoxicating aroma and classic Afghan flavour.