Mango Velvet Hemp Flower Brisbane


13% CBD

*under 0.2% THC


Mango Velvet Hemp Flower Brisbane

Buy Mango Velvet Hemp Flower Brisbane. Mango Velvet #3 represents our second “cut” of the previously sold-out Mango Velvet CBD hemp flower from last year. This improved CBD phenotype is noticeably more resinous, resulting in heavier and more flavorsome vapor/smoke. Unlike our earlier release, the latest cut features a distinct funky grape flavor that excellently complements its signature mango characteristics.

Mango Velvet stands as the first-ever limited edition CBD flower strain crafted by The Goods. It is arguably the most terpene-rich CBD strain we have encountered, equally resinous.

Describing Mango Velvet as an exceptionally high-quality flower, we are confident that it is currently the best-quality CBD flower in Europe. Every aspect, from the genetics and growing standards to the high-quality cure/trim, imparts a premium feel. These buds are incredibly sticky, and dense trichomes coat them. Each bud undergoes hand trimming by The Goods, ensuring that every one of them has passed through several eyes before landing in your pack.

Deep mango, accompanied by tropical citrus fruits and sugary cream.
Trimmed and cured to the highest standard we’ve seen in CBD. Breaking the nugs makes a satisfying “snap” sound.
Deep relaxation, uplifting, creative, euphoric.