Moonrocks Brisbane


30% CBD



Moonrocks Brisbane

Buy Moonrocks Brisbane. Introducing Moonrocks, a rare discovery that elevates CBD strength for the discerning connoisseur. Meticulously crafted from premium indoor flowers, our Moonrocks stand out in the market like nothing else. Each nug undergoes a generous dipping in CBD hash oil and is then coated in fine CBD Keif, resulting in an extraordinary composition boasting a 30% CBD content.

Why Choose Moonrocks? Moonrocks deliver a dense, slow-burning experience, distinguishing them from traditional CBD flowers. The icky-sticky texture ensures an unparalleled sensory journey.

How to Use CBD Moonrocks: Utilize our CBD Moonrocks in the same manner as any other premium CBD flower. However, their super-dense nature and slow burn make them particularly suitable for glassware such as a bong or pipe.

  • Grind: Break the Moonrock into smaller pieces gently.
  • Choose Your Method: Whether it’s a joint, bowl, vape, or pipe, your Moonrocks guarantee a distinctive experience.
  • Enjoy Slowly: Moonrocks burn more slowly than typical CBD flowers, allowing you to savor the moment for an extended period.

Experience dense, frosty, medium-sized nugs with fruity and dank aromas. Enjoy a calming sensation and clear-headed effects, with Moonrocks boasting three times the strength of regular CBD flowers.