Platinum Wreck Cannabis Strain


Great effects to the body. Body high, Creative, Euphoria, Focused, Giggly, Relaxing.

THC : 16%


Platinum Wreck Cannabis Strain

Buy Platinum Wreck Cannabis Strain. With an average THC level of 16%, Platinum Wreck is  for addressing various medical conditions. This includes inattentiveness, headaches or migraines, chronic pain, and chronic stress or anxiety. The buds of Platinum Wreck are generously coated with super frosty nugs and tiny silver crystal trichomes.

Aroma and Flavor:

Breaking apart each sticky Platinum Wreck nugget reveals sweet and tangy aromas of lemons and apples, complemented by an earthy undertone. The flavor profile is equally enchanting, offering a combination of sweet citrus and earthy notes, with a hint of tangy Granny Smith Apple on the exhale.


Shortly after savoring the last bit of apple flavor, you’ll experience a cerebral rush of focus and energy. Lifting your spirits and fostering creativity and laughter. These euphoric effects elevate your mood and provide a light, airy feeling, leaving you completely relaxed and free from mental distress. This uplifting effect gradually permeates the rest of your body. Iinfusing it with a tingling sense of relaxation that doesn’t weigh you down or diminish your energy.