Romulan Weed Strain Hobart


A potent indica strain with an otherworldly name and relaxing effects.

THC: 20% – 24%
CBD: 1%
CBN: 1%


Romulan Weed Strain Hobart

Buy Romulan Weed Strain Hobart. Naturally, Romulan derives its name from the hostile alien race in Star Trek. Its history is fitting, considering that the strain originates in British Columbia and pairs well with the outer space theme.

With THC levels ranging from 20% to 24%, Romulan stands as a notably potent strain. It’s primarily an indica, with a touch of the sativa-dominant White Rhino hybrid, although its exact genetic heritage remains a mystery. Romulan boasts a sweet earthy aroma and flavor, complemented by subtle notes of pine and citrus. Its effects deliver a profoundly relaxing body high with a sensation akin to floating in a dream.

Aroma and Flavor:

Romulan presents a delightful blend of sweet earthiness, infused with hints of pine and citrus. This aromatic profile pairs with a taste that mirrors these notes, creating a well-rounded sensory experience.


As a classic indica, Romulan excels in providing relief from anxiety and is particularly effective for managing pain. It’s also favored for addressing issues like depression and lack of appetite. When consumed, it’s advisable to anticipate a state of deep relaxation that may result in couch-lock. Therefore, it’s best suited for late nights or those rainy days spent indoors. While Romulan enjoys popularity in the legal markets of the American West, it may be less prevalent in other regions. The strain receives high praise from users and has become a favorite among many medical marijuana patients. However, it’s important to note that high concentrations can lead to overpowering effects, potentially causing dizziness, paranoia, or headaches.