Tropical Frostbite Toowoomba


13% CBD

*under 0.2% THC


Tropical Frostbite Toowoomba

Buy Tropical Frostbite Toowoomba. Unearth the luscious luxury of Tropical Frostbite, a high-end strain exclusively by The Goods. This strain boasts visually stunning buds with a dense frosty appearance that glistens like the first light of dawn against a backdrop of light green with tantalizing orange hues. Dive into the divine aroma of a tropical paradise, indulging in the intoxicating sweetness of bubblegum intertwined with the exotic notes of papaya, mango, and berries, capped off with the playful twist of cotton candy.

Flavours: Indulge in the sweet symphony of bubblegum, papaya, mango, and cotton candy, creating an enticing tropical medley. 
TrimDense frosty, light green, sparkly, orange hues