White Rhino Hemp Flower Lismore


8-13% CBD

under 0.2% THC


White Rhino Hemp Flower Lismore

Buy White Rhino Hemp Flower Lismore. Seize the opportunity with our exclusive sale on Legal CBD flowers crafted from the highest quality hemp strains. Carefully bred to ensure elevated CBD and low THC contents, this offering includes one of our latest CBD flowers.

Witness dense, compact buds in intense green hues adorned with bright orange pistils. This calming flower is designed to enhance concentration, exuding scents of a deep undergrowth, pine, and earth, complemented by notes of citrus and balsamic undertones.

Delight in the flavors of pine, earthiness, and citrus, delivered through sticky, firm, dense buds that sparkle with trichomes. Experience a calming, happy, and relaxed effect with this remarkable CBD flower.

Rest assured, these CBD flowers are hemp-derived, non-psychotoxic, THC-free*, and certified by EIHA EU for your peace of mind. Don’t miss out on this limited-time sale.

Dense, compact buds of intense green with bright orange pistils. A calming flower that helps concentration with scents of intense undergrowth, pine and earth surrounded by citrus and balsamic notes.